Los Hmong de Laos

Un video del NYTimes sobre la experiencia de un joven rapero Hmong-americano tratando de integrar sus tradiciones culturales.

Y el Articulo en el NY Times de las peripecias que este grupo ha pasado como victimas tanto del gobierno comunista de Laos como de la alianza traicionada por los USA.

The wars of the 20th century destroyed many millions of people who once lived in the hillsides and valleys of remote rural worlds. Few were hit as hard as the Hmong, an ancient tribe whose members hewed out rough lives upcountry in Laos, west of Vietnam. Half a century ago, Laos became a cockpit of the cold war. The Hmong, led by a charismatic soldier named Vang Pao, sided with the United States in the fight against Communism in Southeast Asia. They lost everything — their land, their way of life, their country.

[…] The C.I.A. and Vang Pao had an understanding about what would happen if the war went badly. “I had been told when I went out there to tell the Hmong we’ll back them to the end, and if we have to pull out, we’ll pull them out too,” Devlin told me. But that was not how things worked out. The end came 33 years ago this week, in May 1975. It was a disaster. Saigon had fallen; the final rout of American military and intelligence officers from the war zones of Southeast Asia was nearly complete.

[…] At least 50,000 Hmong, including many fighters and their families, were left behind in and around Long Tieng even as Vang Pao and his C.I.A. case officer flew to safety. Thousands were killed by the victorious Communists, according to survivors. Tens of thousands fled into the jungle and wound up as refugees in Thailand; many became boat people, cold-war flotsam, forsaken. Vaughn Vang, now a 50-year-old school counselor in Green Bay, Wis., and chairman of the Lao Human Rights Council, an organization seeking to bring attention to the plight of the jungle Hmong, became a teenage refugee when Laos fell to the Communists. “I ran through the jungle for two years,” he said. “We were 260 when we left, and 39 of us made it out to Thailand.”

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